Le Grand Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Le Grand Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

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Le Grand 630 Amp 40KA 4 pole circuit breaker

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Le Grand Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

The Le Grand Moulded Case Circuit Breaker 40kA 4 Pole Circuit Breaker Breaker and incommer Switch-disconnector is 630 Amp. There is also a Trip Free Switch Model.  The model number for this item is: DPX1600, 25793

Technical information for the Le Grand Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

It is DPX 1600 electronic release S1 with an Adjustment of Ir, Im and Instantaneous protection If = 20 kA.  There is an Indicator lamp and a minimum current for indicator lamp operation (30 % In):
green: normal. The fixed red: I greater than or equal to 0.9 Ir The flashing red: I greater than or equal to 1.05 Ir. You will need Connector for test unit.  There is Dynamic selectivity, DPX 1600 50 kA and a
Breaking capacity Icu 50 kA (400 V~), In:1600 A, 3P.

What is it used for?

Mouldedcase  circuit breakers are the most suitable solution for protection against short circuit and overload in medium and high-power systems of the service and industrial sector.

A bit about Le Grand

Legrand’s French roots date back to 1865, and more locally, the company first established in the UK in 1971. The company’s growth has traditionally been fuelled by innovation and the steady stream of new, high value-added product launches this brings, plus acquisitions of companies that (typically) hold leading positions and have specialised technological expertise in growing markets.

At Legrand, Corporate Social Responsibility lies at the foundation of our business, our development strategy and the new challenges we face.

For many years now, Legrand has worked with its customers and partners to ensure profitable, lasting and responsible growth in its operations. This is how we meet the environmental, business and social challenges facing the world today and tomorrow.

Our aim is to innovate to offer sustainable solutions to our users, to act ethically towards society, and to make a commitment to and with the Group’s 36,000 employees. All the while limiting our impact on the environment.


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