Vogue Evo Electric Thermal Radiator - ALEV0V060071FB

Vogue Evo Electric Thermal Radiator – ALEV0V060071FB

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The Evo radiator is sleek and dynamic whilst providing superior thermal output. Because of  the high conductivity of aluminium, the radiator ensures low energy consumption therefore making it an ideal addition to any home or business.

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Vogue Evo Electric Thermal Radiator

Model Number ALEV0V060071FB

The Vogue Evo Electric Thermal Mass Radiator is as  sleek and dynamic radiator.  It provides a superior thermal output. With the high conductivity of aluminium, the radiator benefits from ensuring low energy consumption.

Having a programmable digital electronics with an infrared sensor. The Vogue Evo Thermal Radiators digital electronics include a 6 setting pilot wire thermostat.  Including Stop, freeze protection, comfort and echo options.

It’s a common misconception that thermal fluid radiators require plumbing or use pipes. They don’t! The liquid element is entirely contained within the radiator body. You just simply plug it into the wall like all other electric radiators, and away you go.

Why should I choose the Vogue Evo Electric Thermal Radiator?

If you want an energy efficient radiator then you can’t go far wrong with thermal fluid. The radiators use thermo-dynamic gels and liquids. The Gels and liquids are specially formulated for their heat retention properties. As the radiator heats up, the fluid inside is evenly spread through the body to ensure even heat distribution across the room. Because thermal fluids retain heat so well, your radiator will not have to work hard to maintain your desired temperature – making the radiators energy efficient.


The usual dimensions are 600mm height x 710MM width.



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