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Phillips HF-Performer HF-P 218 PL-T/C 220-240

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  • Philips HF-Performer III electronic ballast
  • 1 x low energy compact fluorescent bulbs
  • 26 watts
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Phillips HF-Performer HF-P 218 PL-T/C 220-240

Electronic ballasts such as The Phillips HF-Performer HF-P 218 PL-T/C 220-240 are used for 1 x low energy compact fluorescent 26 watts bulbs.  It is a high frequency ballast therefore being suitable for use on PL-T/C/R/L/TL5c lamps. When using electronic switching the lights last up to 50% longer!  The Phillips HF-Performer HF-P 218 PL-T/C 220-240 is used when there are 2 PL-C 4P / PL-T 4P being used.

Specifications and General Information for the Phillips HF- Performer HF-P 218 Pl-T/C 220-240

Application Code III
Lamp Type PL-T/C
Number of Lamps 2 piece/unit
Number of Products on MCB (16A Type B) (Nom) 28

Phillips HF-Performer HF-P 218 PL-T/C 220-240 product description

HF-Performer EII PL-T/C/R/T5c is a sustainable, slim and high-frequency electronic ballast. It is for use with a wide range of CFL- ni applications. Making it ideal for applications where high energy efficiency is required. The HF-Performer EII range has a robust design.  Also meeting all relevant international safety and performance standards and making it energy-efficient (CELMA EEI A2).

Are you looking for an an energy-efficient Solution?  Then this is the ballast for you!

Benefiting from having an automatic restart (after voltage dip or lamp exchange) ensuring easy operation and hassle-free re-lamping.  Being suitable for DC emergency operation, 186 to 275 V (at -10oc and in line with IEC/EN 60598-2-22 Luminaire norms.  Having a 50,000 hour lifetime at a maximum case temperature, and being combined with over 60,000 on/off switch on lamps.  Another useful feature is the programmed pre-flicker and pre heated start (<105s).  This allows the lamp to be switched on and off without reducing useful lamp life. Having an active power correction to ensure constant light, irrespective of mains voltage fluctuations.  The unit is protected against excessive mains voltage and incorrect connections.

A bit about Phillips Lighting.

Philips Lighting are the world leaders in lighting and provide their customers with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products, systems and services.

Not sure if this the correct ballast for you?  Don’t forget to have a look at our other ballast – we have a wide range currently in stock.


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