Dimplex OFX Oil Filled Panel Heater

Dimplex OFX Panel Heater

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The Dimplex oil filled radiator is suitable for both commercial and domestic premises, safe reliable and requires little or no maintenance.

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DIMPLEX OFX panel heater

The Dimplex OFX panel heater gives you complete temperature control with a clever combination of convected and radiant heat. A convenient room temperature thermostat is fitted to each model. Benefiting from automatically responding to the air temperature of the room not the panel temperature. This provides a fine degree of control and ensures economical operation. The timer models on the Dimplex OFX Panel Heaters are very easy to use with over 96 different ON/OFF settings over a 24hr period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the OFX be installed in any room?
YES! The OFX oil filled radiator is suitable for every room in the home excluding the bathroom and children’s rooms without supervision. It is also suitable for commercial premises, garages, sheds, conservatories, caravans the list is endless.

Is the OFX easy to install?
The OFX is pre-fitted with 1.8m (6ft) of electric cable with a 13amp plug. Also being supplied with metal wall fixings and is also supplied with feet for portable use. Everything you basically need to get up and running.

What side is the cable fitted?
As you look at the radiator, once it is on the wall the cable would be on the bottom right hand corner under the control panel.

Timer related Question and Answers

The OFX has the option for the timer what are the benefits?
The OFX Timer gives you more control. Normally you would not want to control the temperature of the room or space when you are not using it Therefore the timer option can easily be pre-set to turn ON/OFF the heater without you having to remember to do this. The analogue clock on the timer also gives you a visual display of time of day.

How do I set the timer on the OFX?
The clock and timer will not work without the OFX being plugged into the power supply. Firstly move the 24hr dial “clockwise” to the correct time so that it is opposite the reference mark “arrow” as you look at the heater.  This arrow is at the 2 o’clock position. Then simply move the slide switch down to the timer setting. This heater will only come on when it reaches the segments you have chosen or pushed to the outer edge. Any segments that have been pushed in on this setting will prompt the heater to turn itself off.

I don’t want to use the timer how do I bypass my settings?
Simply move the slide bar to the top or,”I” marker this setting allows power to the heater uninterrupted by the timer settings.

How economical is the Dimplex OFX Oil Filled Panel Heater

How much do they cost to run?
This will be dependent on the tariff that you pay your electrical supplier and if the room the heater is located in, is insulated. However as a rule of thumb the OFX would cost roughly 7 – 15p per hour if the room is very cold. Once the room temperature has been achieved by the OFX running costs will be greatly reduced by the thermostatic controller.

What size OFX do I need for my room?
If the room is well insulated then as a rule of thumb one 750W OFX will heat a room size up to >8m2 = 4m x 2m comfortably.  The 1000W would heat a room size >11m2 = 4m x 2.8m.   The 1500W would heat a room size >17m2 = 5m x 3.4m comfortably.

Please Note

All oil filled radiators expand and contract more when they are NEW and more so when the room it is to be used is very cold. Therefore a slight clicking noise may be heard from the panel heater, this is natural and will gradually settle down after 10 -14 days!

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750w standard, 750w with timer, 1kw standard, 1kw with timer, 1.5kw standard, 1.5kw with timer


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